Durrell D. Kapan Ph. D

Senior Research Fellow, California Academy of Sciences

My lab at the California Academy of science is focused on applied science to make an impact on the health of people and the planet.

I have an ongoing research program on ecology, evolution, and health-related to invasive mosquito vectors (& emerging infections pathogens they transmit—the latter in collaboration with my partner Dr. Shannon Bennett). I also conduct basic research on insect genomics in my lab, including work on Heliconius butterflies and Hawaiian insects including invasive Aedes mosquitoes. Most recently I have been focusing on developing new methods and R-packages to measure gene-sharing between species (introgression) a phenomenon that has applied implications for both conservation and invasive species. Over the last several years I have been working on developing tools for citizen science and public outreach to make a positive impact. Right now, I am analyzing collected by volunteers from my iNaturalist Mosquitoes in Hawai'i Project (with over 130 citizen scientists and school students from Hawai'i) to investigate mosquitoes from the Hawaiian Islands. This work builds capacity in the community to respond to pathogen threats such as dengue or the Zika virus and serves as a model for similar efforts around the world.